Learn If Leasing Is Right for You

Approximately 80% of our clients are currently leasing.

A Little Known Fact About Car Leasing

1. A lease is a finance contract with a large balloon payment, (residual value). Since this balloon payment is tax-free, a lease will save you money compared to financing.

2. Lease payments are currently hundreds of dollars less than finance payments because the balloon payment lowers your monthly payment just like a down payment would if you finance, but with a lease, you never have to pay the down payment.

3. At lease end, the balloon payment is intended to be at least $1,000 higher than its market value. This difference provides additional savings to you.

Leasing vs High Mileage Driver

There is NO high mileage penalty. A vehicle's loss of value due to high miles will always be your loss, whether you lease or buy. Typically, you lose less if you lease.

For Cash Buyers: Ask USFA about a "One Pay Lease."