Helping Busy Professionals Save Time and Money Since 1986

Who is USFA?

US Fleet Associates is the leading vehicle fleet management service in the Rocky Mountain region. Since 1986, our professional, unbiased expertise has been a well-respected fact in this industry.

Fleet management services are normally not available to the public; however, over 20,000 individuals from the companies and organizations we represent have also used USFA service. We are very proud of the fact that we have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Dealer Licensing Board, or with any of the companies and organizations we represent.

How does USFA work?

Since USFA is not a car dealer, we have no quotes to offer. The prices we arrange are intended only for corporate fleets and typically save thousands from dealer quotes. On average, only $300 to $500 is included for dealer profit, and there are no unnecessary, D&H, or salesmen fees added.

To provide these confidential prices for individuals, a different procedure is necessary because corporate fleet prices cannot be offered to the public for showroom negotiating. This procedure provides two ways for you to be sure you end up with the best price without all the usual time-consuming hassle:

1. Clients familiar with USFA often skip getting their own dealer quotes and just put us in charge of their final price.

2. Clients not familiar with USFA may prefer to first have us evaluate their own best dealer quote to verify if USFA will save more.

Once you're ready for us to search for your chosen new vehicle, we will also research confidential dealer savings and, if available, make sure they are passed on to you. Since these savings are usually available, your final price is usually less than our estimated price.


We will do all the work! You describe the desired vehicle and decide if you want to lease, finance or pay cash, we will do the rest!

Meet Our Team


Hershel Rich

Founder RMFA

Ryan Markley

Personal Agent MD Societies / Bar Assoc.

Erica chapman


AI Nickolas

Corporate Agent/ shipping

Dennis Kelly


Marketa Nickle

Office Administator

What Customers Are Saying About Us

“We just picked up the car. What a great buying experience,
I just want to say thank you so much.”


“We picked up the car yesterday after work. Ron was great
and Amanda loves the car. Thanks for all your help.”


“The lease transaction was seamless and simple on Wednesday.
You were very patient and made the whole process enormously simple.”


“Please accept my sincere thanks for the outstanding job you did in arranging the lease of our new Nissan Altima. Your expertise, relationships in the industry and professionalism were all evident in our interaction.”


“I would highly recommend USFA to anyone looking to buy or lease a new vehicle.
The service is quick and efficient and absolutely saves money.”


“In addition to fantastic service from USFA, the dealership
and fleet sales people were also great.”