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"USFA saves me time, hassle, and lot's of money."

Adam Sunson, President Jetson Press, INC

"I have used USFA many times. There is not a better way to get a new car!"

Dr. Desmond Henery, Colorado Medical Society

"I always recommend USFA to all my family and friends."

Dr. Michael Voltz, Colorado Medical Society

"Our agent was wonderful. Once again our agent exceeded our expectations."

Dr. David P Martinez, Colorado Medical Society

"Simply The Best Way To Buy A New Car"

1. USFA telephone assistance is what corporate fleets depend on in order to decide which vehicles to buy. This FREE telephone assistance is now available to you. It saves countless hours of internet research and eliminates the need to talk to inexperienced high pressure car salesmen.

2. We work with local dealers to arrange corporate fleet pricing for purchase or lease which saves you money. You will typically save over $1000 from any Negotiated Internet or Dealer quote. $7,104 was documented by CMS as the most saved by a CMS member.

3. You never need to go into a dealership or run around getting prices!


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US Fleet Associates is the leading vehicle fleet management service in the Rocky Mountain region. Since 1986, our professional, unbiased expertise has been a well-respected fact in this industry.

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