Do I still get a factory warranty through USFA?

Yes! We simply arrange for you to buy or lease your vehicle directly from a dealer, not from us.

What is MSRP?

MSRP = Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price or Window Sticker. U.S. law requires this sticker to show the same price at all dealerships throughout the U.S.

What is D&H?

D&H = Delivery & Handling from the dealer. Usually, this is $500 to $900 additional dealer profit. This is NOT factory freight cost. Most states laws requires D&H cannot be negotiated. However as a USFA client, you are typically exempt from most such fees.

Comparing Dealer Quotes

Be alert! Dealer quotes normally do not include tax and fees. Instead, these undisclosed taxes and fees can add thousands to the price of your new car, after you thought you were done negotiating!

Where do I pick up my vehicle?

You will pick it up directly from the selling dealer or we can make arrangements to bring the vehicle directly to you. ( Additional charges may apply)

How quick can I get my new car?

Same day service is possible. There is no additional charge. Normal service is two or three days.

Do I need to find my own vehicle?

No! We can quickly locate all in stock or incoming dealer vehicles, anywhere in the U.S.

Can I test a vehicle before I accept it?

Yes, you should always test your vehicle before accepting it. If it does not meet your complete satisfaction, do not accept it. You will loose nothing.

How is USFA compensated?

We have a service fee of $375 per car transaction. We have a $100 service fee to handle your trade in or direct sale of your old car. No charge to arrange shipping or added accessories for our clients. - Paying our fee will get you exempt from most other fees in most states. This is because you will become a fleet customer instead of a retail customer. Dealer added fees can exceed $2000.

About USFA

US Fleet Associates is the leading vehicle fleet management service in the Rocky Mountain region. Since 1986, our professional, unbiased expertise has been a well-respected fact in this industry.

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